Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48

Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48

Description The Steca Solarix PLI is the first product from Steca Elektronik to offer an allin-one package. It allows users to supply consumers with 230 V AC power, charges the battery with an integrated ...


Off Grid Inverters - Steca GmbH

Steca Solarix PI Inverter Steca Solarix PI 550 Stand Alone Inverter 550W / 12V/230V / 50 Hz, IP 20 Watt: 550 W Dimension : 400 x 215 x 130 mm Weight ...


Off Grid Inverters - OutBack

OutBack FX Inverter/ Charger Series Inverter / Charger Outback FX 2012ET Pure sinewave stand alone inverter/charger 2000W 12VDC, 230VAC 50Hz, IP20, with battery charger 100A ...

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