Energy Studies

PHOTOVOLTAIC is an enterprise undertaking the whole project by hammering out all assessments required for authorization thus offering photovoltaic plants “on tap”. In detail PHOTOVOLTAIC undertakes:

-The preliminary evaluation of the sight and the estimation of the solar potential.

-The application for being exempted of the need for an electric power production

  license   (for plants of a potential that is less than 150 kWp).

-The authorisation concerning all environmental issues.

-The applications needed for the issuing of both the installation and the

  production licenses.

-The assessments for the connection to the grid and the agreement on the energy trade.

-The investment’s inclusion in a funding framework and the project’s management.


As for the projects’ funding our enterprise possesses a great experience along with a considerable number of successful projects in Community Support Framework’s programms.


Moreover our Company participates to Research Programs on Renewable Energy Sources along with Public Authorities and Universities.  
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